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San Diego is the second largest city in California after Los Angeles. It is located on the Pacific Coast, near the Mexican border. Hills and valleys, canyons, beaches, two large bays (San Diego and Mission), and the Pacific Ocean provide a beautiful natural setting for San Diego. Local climate is almost ideal. The days in San Diego comfortable and bright, even in winter though.

San Diego important industries include electronics and aerospace, shipbuilding, and biotechnology. Local agricultural cultivation of fruits, vegetables, flowers, health products, and trees and dairy cows are also bred. If you happen to be one of the people who asked where to buy Garcinia Cambogia, then San Diego is one of the famous places that answers the question. Tourism also makes a great contribution to the local economy. This is the reason why San Diego welcomes millions of tourists every year.

About 1.3 million people live in the city of San Diego. More than 3 million people live in the greater metropolitan area, which includes San Diego County. Various ethnic groups are living in the Greater San Diego.

In San Diego, there is Point Loma, high peninsula that protects the bay from the sea; downtown San Diego, on the east coast; and Harbor Island and Shelter, has many hotels, restaurants, parks and harbor cruises. Modern Convention Center was built adjacent to Embarcadero Marina Park, which is also located on the bay side. The beauty of San Diego would be a pity not to be enjoyed when you have the opportunity to visit the state of California in the United States.

Here is a list of tourist attractions in San Diego:

belmontBelmont Park. Much like the night market, just go to a full day. There are some games available for kids to adults, but it does not offer much variety. There is also a private room to play games like TimeZone. It is very hard to find parking nearby on the night of the week. The entrance is free, but the tickets for rides must be bought.

Julian Indian Reservation. This is the village of Native Americans, the Indians. Located 45 minutes from the city of San Diego named Alpine. Julian position is located in the cool, distant mountains. There is also a famous pie factory. There is a store, gas station or restaurant.

La Jolla Prospect Drive. Commonly called La Jolla shore. Seaside neighborhood of La Jolla, San Diego north. Presenting views of the ocean, beach and especially the sea lions. Along the way, there are beachside hotel, restaurant, shop and lawns for playing or sunbathing. However, free parking is just a bit difficult to find.

legolandLegoland. Legoland is located in northern San Diego Carlsbad precisely in the city, offers a variety of attractions for toddlers to adults. In addition, Legoland also has water rides in the park, but not the pool. Quite good, and your kids will definitely love it. For a special annual passport holder, water park Legoland will be free for you. But beyond that, you will be required to pay extra (in addition to paying admission of Legoland). On the side entrance of Legoland, there is multi-storey aquarium. Legoland aquarium fish presents a spectacle of such variety. Just like Seaworld, Legoland free parking area is available only for the annual passport holders. For owners of the Volvo car, you will get a parking space close to the entrance.

san diego zooSan Diego Zoo. Like most other zoos, SD Zoo also provides a bus safari around the whole zoo, so you do not need to laboriously walk round. You are required to pay for the services. In addition, there is also a cable car. For this one, you are also required to pay, but it is not that expensive. Free parking space available for all visitors (there may be changes).

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