Bad credit payday loans -Payday loans for very bad credit: completely online

So you want to borrow a small amount from the age of 18 and you want to know if you are eligible and what conditions you must meet. Perhaps even more important to know how much you can borrow and how quickly you have to pay off the weather.

Payday loans for very bad credit: completely online 

Read the explanation about payday loans for bad credit and see how you can apply. It is important that you have income, it makes sense, because if you have no income then you cannot pay off. For borrowing a small amount you can count on 1000 euros.

The fact that you can only borrow from the age of 18 lies in the fact that you are entitled to make independent decisions at the age of 18 without having to ask your parent’s permission before your age reaches your parents. responsible for you and therefore you cannot independently make a commitment such as a loan.

Anyway, you have reached this age, you have a job and you are looking for a loan for a small amount because the month lasts longer than you expected and suddenly your debit card no longer works, what now?

Borrow up to 1000 euros

If you want an advance on your salary, you can go for a mini loan or flash credit. You can then borrow an amount of up to 1000 euros for a short period of up to 45 days so that you have some financial room to pay some bills or perhaps make sure you have some pocket money for when you go on holiday or have booked a weekend away. Nothing is more annoying when you go away for a few days and then have no money in your pocket to be able to have a drink somewhere.

What can I get as a minimum

I think 1000 euros is not really a small amount and also a bit more difficult to pay off after 45 days, by the way, it is not an obligation to do the maximum amount, from 50 euros you can already apply and of course all the amount that lie in between. Popular amounts to borrow for a short period are 200 euros, 400 euros and 500 euros.

Do you really need a hefty amount and are you sure that you can return this after the maximum period, then you can of course choose a different amount yourself.

How do you apply


When applying for a small loan, no BKR assessment is carried out. If you have a registration there, this will not affect your application. Furthermore, you do the application online and you complete it in less than 5 minutes, there are no difficult contracts and you can optionally have the requested amount paid out extra quickly, but this does cost money.

A number of documents are required to be able to assess your application, valid proof of identity, copy of bank statement, mobile number and a recent payslip. With some providers, you can ensure that your application is viewed faster by taking a selfie with your mobile phone with you and your ID on it.