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Hopkin Finance makes it easier to find the loan that best suits your needs. Hopkin Finans is a Danish service provider that offers an easy and practical loan comparison service in Scandinavia. This service can be used to find the loan that best suits you, your financial situation and your needs. Hopkin Finance is therefore not a loan provider. Instead, they can help you easily compare loans from different banks while offering you useful tips on finances.

It takes no more than filling out a short and easy loan form on our website. You can therefore easily use P U R P L E services when you want to find the best payday loan direct lender and get the money right away.

All information provided to Hopkin Finance is handled through a secure SSL connection throughout the process. You can therefore safely use their comparison service without any worry. Please note, however, that you grant Hopkin Finance permission to contact you via email and loans via SMS with loan offers and financial tips when you have chosen to apply via their loan form. Should this be a problem for you, fortunately, you can cancel this permission at any time by using the cancellation link in any newsletter from Hopkin Finance.

Find the perfect loan through Hopkin Finance’s loan comparison

With Hopkin Finance’s loan comparison service you can easily find the perfect loan. Instead of having to look around online for different loans and use various loan listings online to compare loans, you can instead use Hopkin Finance. Hopkin does all the work for you. You just have to tell them how much you want to borrow and how long. Then they make the rest; You will receive various loan offers from various banks on an ongoing basis, which Hopkin has taken care of for you. You just have to choose the loan that suits you best. It doesn’t have to be difficult to find the perfect loan with Hopkin Finans.

Fulfill both big and small dreams with a loan from Hopkin

When you use the Hopkin Finance loan form, you have the opportunity to apply for a loan of between DKK 5,000 and DKK 400,000. You can at the same time freely choose between the maturity of between 1 and 15 years. So there is a good opportunity to fulfill both big and small dreams when you use Hopkin Finance’s loan form to apply for a loan. When you choose the loan amount and maturity via Hopkin Finans’ loan form, you will at the same time show an estimate of how much your monthly repayment is approx. will be based on your choices. In this way, you can better get an overview of whether you have chosen a realistic loan amount and maturity in relation to your financial situation.

Once you have chosen your desired loan amount and preferred maturity and submitted your application, they will make sure to find loan offers from various banks that fit your choice of loan amount and maturity. Then, via e-mail and/or SMS, you will receive offers from various banks that they think will fit your needs. It has never been easier to find exactly the loan that suits you and your financial needs.

Who can apply to Hopkin Finance?

If you are interested in using Hopkin Finance services, there are certain conditions that you must meet before you can apply. First, Hopkin Finans has a requirement that you must be at least 18 years of age when you borrow. In addition, your annual gross income must be at least DKK 120,000.

In the same way, as with so many other loan providers in Denmark and loan services in the Danish loan market, you must also not be registered as a bad payer in a debtor register such as RKI (Experian) or the Debtor Register. This means that if you are registered in a debtor register, then you cannot avail of the services offered by Hopkin and you, therefore, need to find other alternatives to borrowing money.

Quickly borrow money with Hopkin Finance’s loan comparison

You can get quick loans with NEM ID if you use their loan comparison service. It only takes a few minutes to fill out their online loan form, where you must specify your desired loan amount, maturity, email, and phone number. Then you will quickly receive various offers from Hopkin Finans, which they believe meet your wishes based on what you have stated in the loan form. You will receive offers by e-mail and/or SMS. You thus get the opportunity to be presented with a number of different loan offers from various banks, without having to compare different loans themselves. That way, you can easily choose the offer that suits you best and which will satisfy your financial needs.

Once you have chosen the loan offer that suits you best, you just need to approve the loan. Then you can expect to have the borrowed money available in your bank account within 1-3 days of approval. It is thus both quick and easy to borrow money according to your needs when you use the loan comparison service at Hopkin Finans.

Is it risky to use the loan form at Hopkin Finance?

Although it is, of course, important to keep in mind that you always run a risk by taking out a loan, you can be absolutely confident in using the Hopkin Finance loan form. At Hopkin, your security is a top priority, so they always handle and handle your information securely and confidently through an SSL connection.

Moreover, it is 100% free and with absolutely no binding or obligations when you choose to avail of the offered service at Hopkin Finance. You can unsubscribe from their service at any time so that you no longer receive loan offers, and you are also not obliged to choose one of the offers that Hopkin Finance sends to you. It is therefore without risk for you to use Hopkin Finans’ loan form, as they ultimately only send you offers and thus do not stand to offer you a definite loan. Nevertheless, it is of course always a good idea to have common sense when it comes to borrowing money, whether it is at the loan bank or on the internet.

Good advice on finances before you borrow through Hopkin Finance

Before applying for loan offers through Hopkin Finance, it is recommended that you make some financial considerations about loans and your finances. Here you get some good advice, which can be useful to remember before you start borrowing money right away. In this way, you put yourself in as good a position as possible before applying through Hopkin Finance.

First, it is always a good idea to start by setting a budget. By putting a budget over all your fixed expenses and revenue, you can easily get a clear overview of your daily finances. And what should it do well for? By knowing your financial situation, you have a better chance of knowing the possibilities and limitations of your finances, as you are given the opportunity to find your available amount. Once you know what your monthly availability is, you can much easier choose a particular loan amount and maturity in the Hopkin Finance loan form as you have a better idea of the amount of money your finances can handle over monthly installments.

But how do you put a budget? It is quite simple when it comes down to it. For example, you can use an Excel document in which you must specify all your fixed monthly expenses such as rent, transportation, food purchases, mobile bill, etc., as well as all your fixed income such as your salary. When your fixed expenses and revenue are set against each other, you can easily calculate how much money is left each month. Now you have found your monthly availability amount, so you are much better able to choose a realistic and responsible loan amount and term for your loan.

Borrowing example from Hopkin Finans

At Hopkin Finans’s website, they have set up a loan example that can help you gain a better insight into what a loan applied for through Hopkin Finans could entail. For example, if you want to borrow DKK 30,000 with a maturity of 4 years and with a variable interest rate, Hopkin Finans shows that you have to count on a monthly payment of between DKK 780 and DKK 900. The debt rate will be between 9.95% and 18.95%, while the APR will be between 11.85% and 20.84% before tax. Thus, in this case, total credit costs will be between DKK 7,402 and DKK 13,119, so that in total you will have to pay between DKK 37,402 and DKK 43,119 back to the loan provider.

However, this is just an example, and as you can see, the numbers vary greatly. This is because of course, it will always vary from loan provider to loan provider. You should therefore always thoroughly read what is described in the specific loan offers that you receive from Hopkin Finans before you approve the loan.